Study At NIMS

Abide Education Trust is a proudly Indian truly global university, bringing the world to campus through a variety of programs, activities and initiatives and sending Abide Education Trust students and teachers out into the world through study abroad, internships, research and international entrepreneurship opportunities.

NIMS University, established in 2008 is a technical university. Initially, started as a National Institute of Medical Sciences, but in 2008 it was transformed into a university. NIMS University believes in providing the best education to the students, aiding students to follow their dreams. NIMS University with its innovative teaching methods and extensively researched syllabus, prepares students for the best in the industry.

Dr. Balvir S. Tomar, the chancellor of NIMS University Jaipur, is a world-renowned Scientist, on whom various International & National level Fellowships & Awards have been bestowed. He is also a member of the International & National level GI/Medical Societies like NASPGN, IAP, APPSPGAN, GAI and ISPGN.